30 Day One Piece Challenge

Day 8: Most moving/inspirational/emotional scene

So its kinda really hard to choose one single emotional scene in OP, cus there are so many awesome ones. So I’m gonna cheat and collectively choose all the Merry scenes, cus they are just really really sad/awesome… T_T

Idky, but I tend to get more attached to non-humanoid things, than humaoid things, so Merry was already precious. I was very much against replacing her back then and I was soo behind Usopp and all his choices during the Water 7 arc, even though I didn’t want him to leave the crew. Oda made everything a whole lot worse with Klabautermann as well. Like, every time I heard that child-like apologetic voice in the anime, chills just spread like wildfire. They still do. Screw you, Oda. Screw you. </3


lucci is such a babe

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Tony Tony Chopper - Film Z

Tony Tony Chopper - Film Z

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"Damn, they’re so carefree."

Nami & Robin on Film Z.

Anonymous sent: Luffy said he hates cowards. Usopp is a coward. What do you think?



Ah, yes, I see it now. What I once mistook for a youthful friendship of unparallelled fun and cheer I now see what what it really was… hate.

Really though, here’s a reminder of what Luffy thinks of Usopp:

Usopp is afraid all the time. But he knows when he needs to fight and he’s willing to put his life on the line to defend what he cares about. Luffy doesn’t care whether or not your strong, and he doesn’t care whether your voice cracks and your knees shake. What Luffy cares about is the willingness to stand and fight when the time calls for it. Besides, it takes a damn lot more courage to stand and fight when you’re weak than it takes when you’re strong. Usopp is a coward, but he’s the bravest coward in the whole damn world.

Because before he could save her physically from Spandam and the marine officers, before he could save her from the government and all external forces, he first had to save her from herself.

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